How to increase Instagram Post Engagment

2022 Hacks that actually work!


HACK #1 Comment & Respond within hour of posting

Be the first to comment on influencers’ photos and you’ll drive traffic to your own page and posts. This concept applies for anyone with lots of followers. If your comment gets a lot of Insta-love, it’ll appear for the (many) people who view that post.

Speaking of comments, engage with those who comment on your posts. As with most content algorithms, Instagram’s favors organic engagement and will show your posts more if you have comments and responses within the first hour of posting.

HACK #2 Add Links in Story Highlights

You can only put one link in your bio, BUT did you know you can put unlimited links in your Instagram Story highlights right below your bio!?

If you have multiple pages you want to link out to, direct people to a dedicated story highlight vs. your bio to gain access and get them to take action

HACK #3 Discover New Audiences with Hashtags

Use hashtags in Stories to find new audiences. You can shrink them and make them unobtrusive while still attracting people and possibly appearing on the Explore page.

After you’ve tried adding hashtags in your Stories, you can analyze their reach in “Insights” and see how many people discovered your page from a given story. 70% of Instagram hashtags are branded, so don’t miss out on an opportunity to get your brand out there!

HACK #4 Share when somone mentions you in a Story

Add a story you were mentioned in to your story. When someone mentions you or your brand in their story, you can capitalize on the free mention and show your appreciation by reposting their story to your own. You’ll see a notification appear when your brand is tagged in someone else’s story. Just go to the notification and click “Add This to Your Story,” then you can customize and add GIFs, stickers, and text to their story in your story. It’s story-ception.

HACK #5 Find Your Time of Day

Test out posting at different times of the day. Each brand’s audience is unique so you can start with benchmarks for Instagram use, then get even more tailored by experimenting and creating an individualized posting schedule for your followers.

HACK #6 Use Stories to Promote Posts

Use Stories to let followers know when you have a new post. 400 million users watch Instagram Stories every day. With users consistently watching Instagram Stories, you have a captive audience to direct to your amazing content on your page.

Try using GIFs or stickers to draw attention to your post announcements, or use the simple “Text” tool in Stories. You can publish your post directly to Stories by clicking “Share” on your post (the little paper airplane) and clicking “Add post to your story.”

Hack #7 Tag your target location

Tag your location in photos and Stories and use local hashtags. Posts that include a location tag see 79% more engagement than those without! To find popular local hashtags, try exploring the area’s local accounts like the city’s tourism account to see which hashtags they use.

Hack #8 Testing Testing 123

Preview your Instagram story before you post it live. To do this, go to the camera to post a Story and click to add multiple photos. While editing, you will see all the photos you’ve chosen at the bottom and you can edit each photo individually. Once you’re done editing, you’ll see a preview of your story before you post! When you’re ready to go, just add it to your Story like you normally would. This hack is particularly useful when launching a new product or publishing an announcement that contains several (important) text slides in a row. This approach prevents you from having to create and edit images in real time -- especially if they are out of order. This is less stressful and allows you to edit while you review!

Hack #9 Gotta love a shortcut

Write pre-filled comments to quickly reply to questions. Every social media manager knows what it’s like to type out the same response to common questions on your brand’s account. Maybe you have a list in Notes that you copy and paste from or if you’re super hacky, you’ve added shortcuts on your iPhone. Instagram actually added a feature so you can do this right from the app. Go to “Options,” scroll down to “Business Settings” and click “Quick Replies.”

Hack #10 Add Insta link to your email signature.

Did you know, the average employee sends and receives 122 emails every day? Put your link to your Instagram page in your email signature then this is a lot of opportunity to showcase a relatable part of your brand.

Try to get as many people at your company to include it in their email signature as well. It’s a small, unobtrusive ask that could lead to more followers and ultimately customers for your company

Hack #11 Zoom Zoom and other new features

Use Instagram’s new features in Stories like SuperZoom, Music, Polls, Questions, and the Slide Bar. These features allow you to better engage directly with your audience and have fun with Stories. Use Questions and Polls to ask your audience what they want more of, answer questions Q&A style, and to get to know your team. Here’s a breakdown of all the new features and how to use them.

Hack #12 Include your Instagram feed on your website

Add a feed of your Instagram posts to your website using a plugin. This will showcase your latest content and attract website visitors to your social media account. For those early in the sales cycle, following your brand will keep you on their mind as they consider a decision.