How often should I post on our blog?

Any good SEO strategy depends on good content. With this in mind, we always recommend that our clients have a blog on their website so that they can post targeted and relent content consistently.

Quick Takeaways:

  • The more frequently you blog, the more traffic you tend to get, as a rule of thumb.

  • 11+ posts a month is a magic number — it results in a noticeable increase in traffic for both B2B and B2C businesses.

  • The more posts you already have on your blog, the more traffic and leads you receive.

  • Align your publishing frequency to your content goals. Consider what resources you have for content creation.

So, why is a blog so important?

Blog posts send signals to Google to encourage regular crawling, help drive website traffic, build brand awareness, engage users and form an important part of your marketing funnel, all resulting in a better performing site.

Yep, Google loves blogs, but the question remains, how often should you be posting on your blog?

Understanding what you want your blog to achieve

There is no point in writing 10 articles on the same topic if it doesn’t connect with your target audience or your goals and objectives! Understanding what you want your blog to achieve is crucial and should always be your starting point.

Are you writing to:

  • Improve your search engine rankings,

  • Increase awareness of your brand,

  • Position yourself as a thought leader,

  • For the purpose of encouraging backlinks, or

  • A few of these things at once?

We recommend identifying two or three main goals and making sure every blog is created with at least one or two of these in mind.

Look at the data

Finding the perfect balance of how often to post is all about research!

We do have recommendations for posting frequency, but ultimately it can be unique to your industry and audience. If you haven’t been posting blogs previously, test out a schedule for a few months and review the data in alignment with industry standards.

Concider your resources

Crafting quality blogs that are engaging and of interest to your audience takes more work than many people think. When you consider the steps and components of creating a single blog post, you will see what we mean:

  1. Set your goals and objectives.

  2. Choose a topic that fits with your goals through various tools like Google Analytics and develop a title that is engaging.

  3. Research the post by looking at what has been written before, finding data and resources to draw from and/or developing or drawing from your own data.

  4. Craft the post, including the natural integration of keywords, a call to action and any creatives (imagery or video).

  5. Enlist a secondary person to review the content from a grammar, spelling and audience interest perspective. Ask them to check that the blog meets the goals and objectives that you set yourself at the start, as it can be easy to lose sight of them when you’re wordsmithing.

  6. Add the post to your site, ensuring it is formatted correctly, SEO optimised and scheduled for the best day and time.

  7. Promote on relevant channels, such as social media and email marketing.

  8. Review how the post performed and analyse data (after one month and after three months and so on).

When thinking about how often you can blog, you also need to consider the time and skills you or your internal team have at their disposal. Do you have someone who can dedicate their time to this and do it well? Or even a team to take this on? If you don’t have someone, would you consider outsourcing? If you are doing it yourself, how often can you realistically manage doing this alongside your day-to-day?

Feel free to download our blog posting templates below

How to Blog Post Templates
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What we recomend

In the perfect world, we recommend posting a blog once per week to see the best results for most companies. Some experts will recommend several times a week but unless you have a dedicated content creator or marketing team for this task, we know this isn’t always viable. It also isn’t applicable to or suitable for all industries. At a minimum, we suggest one post per month.

Just remember, consisteny is key!

While posting several times a week or even once a week is a content marketer’s dream, it isn’t realistic for a lot of businesses! Rather than getting a burst of energy and posting twice one week and then nothing the next or posting lots of little pieces that don’t add value for the user, we suggest sticking to a realistic number of articles per month. Google likes consistency and beefy, regular updates – even if it’s once a month. Always focus on quality over quantity!

At the end of the day, blog posting and its influence on your site performance comes down to crafting the most engaging content as consistently as you can. There is no single magic number that will work for everyone but rather, a process to help you find the best frequency for your business.