8 Big Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Website

A business’s online presence, regardless of industry, can have a massive impact on its success. In this day and age, some businesses still don’t realize that a majority of their customers will visit their website before making a purchase.

When your business is in its early stages, you may be excused for thinking that it is not imperative to have a website. With all your start-up costs, the free goodness of social media is an attractive option to advertise your products and services before committing.

But, there comes a point in all businesses where you may be losing money if you don’t have a website. There are so many positive ways a website can enhance and propel your business. Here are our top 8 reasons to get yourself a website ASAP

Your competitors all have one The competitors in your space all have websites, but you don’t. Your customers take to Google, so they can weigh up their options. If you don’t have a website, you won’t show up in search results, which equals NO SALE.

People cannot get more information on your business unless they pick up the phone, and who wants to do that these days anyway?! Your competitors will come across as more professional, thorough, and industry leaders, which leads us to the next reason. Credibility Customers want to know that the businesses they are buying from are legitimate. They need to trust that they won’t be cheated, they will get what they pay for, and that the item or service will be as described. They also need to know that others have been happy with the business’ service. Good ways to demonstrate credibility on your website are: customer testimonials, badges, partner logos, case studies, and through showcasing your portfolio. It is also important to ensure you have website legals such as a privacy policy and terms of service.

Showcase your products and services Visitors to your website are already interested in your offering, and they want to know MORE than what they have seen on your flyer or your Instagram profile. A website is your opportunity to give your potential customer a lot more information on what you can offer them. A well written and designed services page and great product descriptions will excite your audience and convince them to BUY. It is a business asset A website is an investment in your business. It can be your hardest-working employee if built well. Therefore, it counts as an asset along with your inventory, email list, buildings, and equipment. If you sell the business, your website can be counted as an asset with a value.

You can even learn a tremendous amount about your audience through your website analytics. Where they click, what products/pages are most popular, how long they stay on your site, who they are etc. All are helpful data you can collect and analyse to improve your offering. The more you know your customer, the better you can cater to what they want and need.

To save you time Time.... Something that we business owners never have enough of.

Sick of doing ALL the manual processes?? Your website can automate so much that you probably didn’t even know about it! From printing shipping labels to taking payments, to collecting information, it is incredible how much time you could be saving. I’m sure everyone agrees that we don’t want to be spending long hours working and miss out on precious time with our loved ones. Time is money. An alternative point of contact and communication channel A user could land on your website organically via many different ways such as Facebook ads, Google search etc. They may not know your brand, and do not wish to keep clicking around to find answers to their queries, so they use the contact form on your website. This is often a preferred method of contact for those customers who are time-poor, do not use social media, or prefer to remain anonymous. This goes hand in hand with our next reason: Customer convenience Not all customers want to order a product via Instagram DM! They may not want to wait for a response, they simply want their purchase quickly and quietly, without the back and forth. Give your clients the option to choose their preferred method of communication/purchase that is convenient to them.

To convert A website encourages purchases through clever copywriting, beautiful visuals, and a great user experience. Creating a great product or service, and portraying its desirability via your website, will convert leads into paying customers.

Social media simply isn’t enough – the user still needs to click out of that platform to essentially “press go”. A website is a user’s one-stop shop to learn, communicate, and purchase. Capture your target customer while they are there. Conclusion

A website shouldn’t be looked at as “just another expense” or a “luxury”. A good website can help you scale, sell more, save you time, communicate your credibility, and offer your customers an amazing experience.