Ready to finally cross “ website” off your to-do list?

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When you need your website done yesterday, 
we’ve got you covered.

*Ok, maybe not yesterday ... but pretty close to it!

With our signature VIP Website in a Week package, we’ll create a stunning 6-page website for you in just five days. Not just any website, but one that’s strategically designed to convert more casual visitors into paying clients.


1 Week

+ 1 Month Prep






Here’s what the process looks like

It’s simple and streamlined so you can get a brand-new website without having to derail your schedule!

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  • Detailed questionnaire to articulate your target audience, brand values, business goals, and more.

  • Competitor analysis to create a special place in the market for you to stand out and own your uniqueness.

  • Web prep session (1.5-hour call) to dive deep into your business and structure your new website.

  • Comprehensive copy guide to remove all guesswork on what to write and where for maximum conversion.

  • Web-prep check-in (1 hour) to run through your completed copy guide, offer feedback, and close any gaps before the design stage.


Custom Design

  • 1 week of focused design to create your dream website.

  • Up to 6 web pages strategically developed for an easy, intuitive customer journey.​

  • Daily check-ins to keep you in the loop and your project on track.

  • The same design expertise as our Custom Web Design package, just condensed into a shorter time frame.

New Product Mockup Now Available Marketing Promotion Instagram Post.png

Success Guide

  • All of your website content (i.e. contract, branding, copy, etc.) in a shared Google Drive folder for easy access.

  • Website style guide to help you maintain a beautiful, cohesive brand across all touchpoints.

  • Custom website tutorial video to empower you to manage your site and make small updates, as needed.

  • Options for post-launch support should you want to keep this good thing going!

Take a peek at our week together​

Please Note: We’ll book your project at least one month in advance to allow time for prep.


Let the fun begin! We’ll dive into your website strategy so that we can nail a design that reflects your core values and “calls in” your tribe. 


We’ll send you a link to your home page, discuss and work on changes, and get started on the inner pages of your website. 


We'll design the rest of the inner pages and even aim to finish most of the site. Told ya we moved fast!


We’ll put on our QA hats and ensure your site is SEO optimized so that the Google Gods work in your favour.

Time to review the completed website and prep for launch!


LAUNCH DAY, aka, bring out the bubbly! We’ll flip the “go live” switch and your new, beautiful site will be out into the world for all to see!

This is perfect for you if…

You know your business needs a strong online presence – one that positions you as the expert that you are. 

You’re the sole decision-maker in your business – and can provide quick, clear feedback without wading through a million layers of red tape. 

You don’t have weeks or months to spare – you want to start uplevelling your business sooner, rather than later. 

You love the idea of one focused week of web design – and can work with us at a fast (but comfortable) pace to bring your new site to life! 


Frequently Asked Questions

Why Wix?

We believe that Wix is the best platform for entrepreneurs and small businesses. Beyond being a great platform for us to design in and bring your vision to life, it offers you - our clients - a platform to easily manage and make updates to your website post-launch. It is also great for SEO, and has many native plug-ins (that often means free!) for managing and growing your business.

Why would I pay someone to design a Wix site?

Sure you can design your own website with Wix, and it may even look good, but along with years of experience designing beautiful websites, we bring to the table the strategy needed to convert your website’s visitors into delighted customers. After taking the time to discuss your goals and truly understand your business, we're able to create smart designs that incorporate an effective user journey built to attract your favorite clients.

How do payments work?

Custom Websites are typically billed 50% up front and 50% upon design completion - right before we transfer ownership of the website to you and launch your site!


VIP Websites in a Week are billed 1/3 up front to hold your spot, 1/3 the week before your design week, and the the final 1/3 upon completion.

I’m ready, when can we start?"

Please reach out and let’s discuss! Our start date will depend on the size and scope of your project, as well as our current availability.