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About Escaping Ordinary


Hey, I'm Cassandra

In 2020 my husband and I decided to travel around Australia full time with our 3 kids, it was during this time that I truly recognised that location has no boundaries. It showed me the importance and leverage of online presence.

With nearly a decade of experience creating smart and impactful websites and both Education & Business degrees under my belt, I am able to combine my years of experience to build websites that engage and convert. 

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Image by Samantha Gades
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I see you...

From tight budgets to wearing one too many hats, I understand the unique challenges we face as a fellow small business owner. 

As an experienced web designer and digital marketer, I created Escaping Ordinary Digital to help small businesses navigate and scale their online digital platforms as effortlessly and efficiently as possible.

No small business owner needs another item on their to-do list which is why we pride ourselves on being dependable and swift, so you can rest assured knowing that your digital presence is in safe hands.

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It's just
you and me 

Upon intake, we get to know each other. We will discuss your goals and ambitions. I will draw out details and get direction through our initial consultations and clarity processing forms.

Throughout the build, I allow ample opportunity for your feedback using our continually perfected processes in order to create and represent your online presence. 

When we are wrapping up the project, I provide training and a thorough handover. I will also remain available to support you as you grow. 

Are we a
good fit?

This is so important in order to get the best results.

The clients I choose to work with:

  • Understand that this process is collaborative, a two-way street that requires timely input from you.

  • Trust my experience as a designer and developer

  • Are willing to open their horizons, take feedback and potentially have any preconceived ideas challenged

  • Respect my time, office hours and pricing structure

  • Understand that the design process is important and takes time

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Interested in what we could create together?